2008 Fishing Season

2008 Total Walleye = 342 !!
42 fishing trips (3 perch trips = 145 perch)
and many new friends!!

Special thanx to my friends at
North Coast anglers
 for all their support, help, friendship and
 one memorable season!!!

Link to Big Kev's Youtube slideshow xmas gift to our NCA members
Very nice job Kev!!!

available on DVD, just ask me

My friend Big Kev and Crew
Big Kev]

Big Kev

My friend Harle 96 and Crew
Harle Harle

Awsome! 11 pound Hawg!!!

Ashley F. "Animal" and I Trolling
My son Ray's GF, and awsome fishing partner
Ashley and I

Terry and myself Hi-Tailin it home
Terry and I

Terry and I from Harle's POV

Barge and Freighter Sightings

Big Kev and "10lb Rookie" (John)

Nice Bag of Eyes

Line'm up Terry